Japan Tsunami and Twitter Disaster Management

Last week I asked “Would You Know How to Tweet an Emergency?”. Although I’m not an emergency responder, I hoped that we’d have more discussion about the role of Twitter in disasters. On March 8, a few days before the Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami, I tweeted:

(I realize full well how self-aggrandizing it seems to toot this, but that doesn’t matter – just go with it 😉

I’ve long thought that Twitter – frivolous a service as it seems – always had great potential for Healthcare and disaster response and management. What we need is a public discussion of how this particular medium can be used as effectively as possible.

One one hand, there is a natural flow of people working out these technologies as events arise without pre-planning. On the other, it’s important that we think ahead of the possibilities, limitations and nuances that need to be worked out.

For too long conversations about the role of Twitter have been owned by marketers and communicators. It’s a shame on two fronts: first, marketers are going to be disappointed if they invest too much hope in Twitter; and two, it overshadows potentially life-saving uses for this one-of-a-kind medium.

Let’s work on this problem. And here’s a point to think about: imagine if the use of voice for emergencies wanes and Twitter (and its analogues) become the primary medium of communication. How would that change your angle on the problem of how to use Twitter effectively?

So, here’s another appeal to my followers: please take a moment, read the post, come up with your own ideas and suggestions, and get the word out to discuss Distaster Response and Management in the Age of the Tweet.

I’m not the expert: I’m simply looking for experts to put their brains together on this one .

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