Six Considerations for Adopting Technologies in Healthcare

The issue with adopting QR codes is a bit more fascinating than at first glance because it poses an interesting adoption dilema: on one hand, QR codes can be seen as fads; on the other hand they do have their uses (yes, I’m writing about QR codes again – but this post is more about general adoption of tech for Healthcare; I’m citing QR codes as an example because of all the recent attention they’ve received).

Here are the considerations:

  • Properties of the tech – what specifically does it do; what are limits/possibilities
  • Public recognition (and actual use) of the tech – if there’s not enough awareness (especially by targeted audience), or if they just don’t use them enough
  • Standardization – Which standard is optimal? Given different tech, which ones suit most needs optimally?
  • Obsolescence – How quickly might the tech become obsolete. Not just technologically but also in use?
  • Deployability/Distribution – At the point of service, who distributes, when and where?
  • Security – One issue with respect to QR codes or MS Tags which I don’t see raised much is security. When you look at a QR code, you don’t know what you’re opening up – what if someone tampers with the code (either on the backen or by physically replacing the actual tag) with redirects to malware, indecent material or corporate vandalism (say a redirect to For companies in Healthcare and Pharma, this is definitely something to consider.

There are others. But they’re basic ones which anyone aught to consider and work-through before just either blindly jumping on the latest gadget – or rejecting outright.

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  1. Secure QR codes are on the way- I have a project that we built our own engine and are locking the database down and will let all of those that scan know that they can opt-in or that their data will not be captured. It will occur at the web-app level.
    QR codes will continue to grow as the dumb smartphone users get smarter. Once one person shows another person where the apps are and how to use them it spreads very quickly. What will kill growth is if too many marketers but crap on the back-end of them.
    Tech side- Google Goggles can put a dent as their databases grow and tech keeps growing to go from picture to info…
    In the healthcare area- one company I know are working on Secure codes that can be used for critical events- such as stickers on back of driver licenses, on Auto’s, and on Homes- that will let EMT folks scan and get health, contact info, and even wishes of person on who to contact with their info. It is amazing all things you can do when you understand what you can take from the physical world into the Digital realm and then all the syndication and aggregation of that content can then be used for- good mostly but also the bad side.

    There are some great communities that are getting built around this area on Twitter with the hashtag #Qrcodes, Also Linked in with the 2Dcode group. Twitter has a #qrchat that I think happens once a week. Google QRmedia and follow that blog they do a good job catching all the latest in this space too.
    Good Luck finding all the places they make sense in the healthcare area…


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