OMG QR Code Madness


OK, I didn’t really want to write about QR codes, but they’ve been getting a lot of attention in Healthcare. People have been asking me about them too, so here’s the post.

Don’t know what a Quick Response code is? Wikipedia.

Don’t know how to generate a QR code? QR-Code Generator.

Don’t know how to use a QR code when you see one? QR Code reader apps.

Need a visual? Youtube.

Don’t know what to use a QR code for? Here ya go:

  • Got a private medical practice? Decide on what you want people to do: go to your website, upload contact information, download an app, a link to resources for a specific condition. Generate the code. Print it. Staple or otherwise affix to the appropriate eyeball real estate. Done. (Also, put something to tell patients what it is.)
  • Got a hospital lobby and you want your patrons to follow you on Twitter or friend you on Facebook, while decorating your lobby with the huge delicious artistry of a mouse that ate its way through a maze of LSD-laced cheese? See the previous bullet and follow the procedures.
  • Got a family planning clinic and want prospects to schedule an appointment for sexually-transmitted diseases? No problem! Just generate a code for the link to your online scheduling form, print it out and paste on a passers-by window.

That’s pretty much it. Try it out on the QR code above. Ffffffascinating. 😉

QR codes go back to the 1990s. That’s OK – older tech is more recognizable to the ‘younger’ generation, so it makes some sense to roll it out. But I just want readers to know that QR codes aren’t anything new. #JustSayin’

Microsoft Tags is a bit more sophisticated, but the problem with these technologies is standardization. For instance, with MS Tags you could expand the use cases to pharmaceuticals. Also, MS Tags can be customized for branding purposes. Oh, and they’re in color. And have pyramids.

We’re dealing with evolving technologies – so my advice is not to make too big a deal over them.

One final thought, which I left over on Shel Holtz’s post on this stuff: Just imagine what our world will look like with all those lovely mouse mazes. Just something to think about.

Consequences, friends. Consequences. Some of us care about the consequences of adopting these tools without thinking a few steps ahead. We create the world we experience.

Anyhoo, there’s the QR Code post I thought I’d never write.

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