More Things That Don’t Matter in Healthcare Social Media

The following don’t really matter in the Healthcare social media “s p a c e”:

  • South by South West – It’s a nice time for social interaction, getting drunk like a 14 year old or cheating on your spouse, but nothing significant is going to come out of it for Healthcare. Just a lot of follow-up blog posts; a whole bunch of tweets about SXSW; a feeling that something will come out of it; and maybe a couple of vague promises to do something sometime with someone. Out of the thousands of startups there over the years, only a couple few went anywhere – Twitter was one. Foursquare another (see next bullet). Most of the rest: gone. Basically, Healthcare’s involvement with SXSW is a copying and pasting of the wrong authors of change. We could have developed a new initiative more relevant to Healthcare with the time, attention and frenzy spent fetishizing Austin. Is SXSW a great, entertaining time? Absolutely. Does it matter in healthcare? Nope. Just another demonstration of Helthcare being late to the party…again.
  • Plancast – as useless for Healthcare as Foursquare
  • Cinch – it’s got weird colors and nobody has time to listen to what’s over there. Nobody in Healthcare has heard about it, nobody cares. Stick with old-fashioned podcasting like Mike Sevilla does with his DoctorAnonymous blog if you’re going to do audio. If you can’t do the kind of quality passionate work his does, it doesn’t matter.
  • Hashable -I don’t use it, and don’t care. Yet another example of VC money down the drain. Imagine how many kids could be taught expert programming design or healthcare information systems development with all the capital tossed at these pointless startups.  If you don’t know who your relationships are with, technology isn’t going to help.
  • – Yes, it is all about me, but nobody else cares. Total waste of time for anybody in Healthcare communications.

On an upbeat note: things that do matter in healthcare social media:

  • Risk Management
  • Protecting boundaries that are more easily violated on social media than face-to-face
  • Small, regular meetups of passionates who can thrash-out healthcare improvement ideas, build prototypes or pitch them to investors, or ship a product to a vendor – and using social media to keep collaboration and conversation going between meetings
  • Developing and refining fundamental communication skills; more importantly, figuring out how to communicate therapeutically during social media interactions

Those last four points matter. The first group…not so much, if at all.

Anyhoo, that’s it for today, kids. More things that don’t matter in healthcare social media.

Stay tuned for more – because time is important in Healthcare. Let’s not waste it on aimless goose-chases. It’s no wonder so many C-suite execs aren’t going to pay solid attention to the things that matter in the healthcare social media “s p a c e”.’

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