Healthcare Risk Management – Tweets from GHSHRM 2011

I was pleasantly surprised at Greater Houston Society of Healthcare Risk Managers Education Day 2011 conference. I realize risk management and healthcare don’t sound like the most exciting topics, but I found the morning sessions particularly informative and entertaining.

I’m coming away with a much deeper appreciation of the nuances and costs of risk management across all areas of Healthcare.

Scan through the transcript of tweets during the conference (95% were mine via @HealthIsSocial, @RNchat and @MDchat 😉

GHSHRM Conference Twitter Transcript

During my speech, I had asked “How many of you are not on Twitter”. Out of approximately 200 attendees, about 180 raised their hands. The audience and I got a chuckle out of that – but I could feel, intuitively, a sense of appreciation within the audience that they realize the need to catch up with today’s media.

But kidding aside, I’m glad we were able to explore the complexity of risk management in healthcare to ensure patient and staff safety. I’m also glad we were able to get deeper into the implications of social media for risk managers. Too often, social media’s benefits are touted so loudly that the costs are virtually just dismissed as if they were trivial nuisances.

As I said in my post yesterday, I felt that if we can help risk managers simply undertand and get comfortable with these media, that we’ll see more traction.

After seeing the attentive eyes of the audience and meeting the good people here in Houston, I feel there are definitely opportunities to educate, lead and encourage.

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