Healthcare Risk Management and Social Media

I’m speaking at the Greater Houston Society of Health Risk Managers (#GHSHRM) on what social media means for Healthcare. One of the biggest areas of concern in Healthcare is managing the risk to patients and staff and facilities.

Social Media definitely opens up new arrays of risk exposure. Whether it’s privacy breeches, or staff misbehavior or lost, stolen or abused data, today’s media will place new demands on risk managers.

New indemnification products and services will likely continue to evolve beyond traditional security and privacy vending. It’s certainly an emerging market for insurance companies to explore.

And yet, what may be the biggest challenge in healthcare risk management in the age of social media, is the level of media and technology proficiency of all levels *within* the enterprise.

In hospital systems, for example, administrators, nurses, physicians, executives and risk managers all must possess the necessary savviness in today’s media – that in itself will go very far in managing risk across the board.

Getting to that level of proficiency may be a heavier load up-front than an amortized stream of indemnification services over a period of years, but the time-value of the future returns most certainly justifies the investment.

Regular readers know that I’m pretty thorough in examining the adoption of social media. The Healthcare industry definitely needs to ease some of its anxiety in the face of these technologies. But the risk management profession also needs to feel comfortable and knowledgable, especially in the face of what can be bewildering change.

Risk management is an important function, one which some may say has slowed down Healthcare’s adoption of social media. I would argue, then, that it’s the risk managers who need support, encouragement and training so that they better understand the properties of today’s media.

I look forward to speaking with the risk managers here in Houston. It’s a beautiful Spring evening here. I hope it’s symbolic of a new hope for Healthcare to further its work in coming into the 21st Century – a Century of rapid changing change, instant and constant global connection, uncertainty and risk.

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