MDchat on IBM’s Watson and Physicians on Twitter

One of the great things about starting and moderating a Twitter chat, is that you see the growth of a community of people offering snippets of their diverse ideas and experiences.

Last night’s MDchat – @MD_chat – was particularly of interest to anyone interested in medicine and high-tech. The two topics were:

Although the transcript may be long, it’s easy to follow (I stripped out the RTs using @foxepractice’s transcription service). Check it out [link if you can’t see embed below]:

MDchat Healthcare Twitter Transcript for February 22, 2011

As you can see, there are so many different perspectives on how today’s evolving technologies impact (or can impact) Healthcare.

Oh, and if you haven’t taken the 2hashtags pledge, consider it. For these Twitter chats show that less is more – imagine if all those tweets in last night’s chats were soaked in multiple hashtags.

If you’re interested in MD_chat, consider what nurses are doing on RNchat. These two professionals – and the other participants from all walks of life – make these chats wonderful examples of what we can do.

@MD_chat takes place every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern. @RNchat takes place every Thursday at 9pm Eastern.

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