A Brand: To Have Or To Be

Two things to think about with regard to a brand: what is has and what it is.

A brand can have followers, fans, Likes, views, prints…all the eyeballs you want.

But what happens when the followers, fans, Likes, views, prints vanish?

Does the brand vanish too?

If it does, then what was that thing in the first place?

What is the brand?

Does the brand stand on its own? Can it be without having?

If a brand depends on what it has then it can’t last long. Not today.

A brand is like you. You can have everything in the world, but if you can’t be then you’ll be nothing when what you have is gone. If you lost everything you have, will there be a you?

What you have should be the result of what you are. Not the other way around.

Same thing for brands.

It’s called Presence Marketing for a reason.

“Possession Marketing” has a stalky ring to it, doesn’t it?



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