Love: Through Sadness and Happiness

If love never made you happy, it wouldn’t be love.

If love never made you sad, it wouldn’t be love.

Being happy is being connected with something beyond yourself.

So is being sad.

Both are two sides of messages from a universe you’ll never understand.

So don’t go for understanding. Go for the trip.

If death or divorce ripped someone from you, the sadness will never run dry. You’re connected forever to wherever the river carries your love.

If your lover left you, the sadness runs deep. So does your connection to that depth.

In that depth, through its deepening darkness, grows too the source of all happiness.

For love is what happens when you move out of yourself, when you let yourself drop away, when you pour out to the world what matters most to you.

You didn’t think love would bring you nothing but happiness, did you?

Of course you did! I did too.

That’s OK. We’re all learning.

The sadness we feel is proof of happiness.

Love is a turning.

So be the mad wheel of love driving us all beyond ourselves.

Keep turning and turning and turning and turning and turning.


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