Healthcare Deform

Healthcare Reform.

It’s a huge social object these days, one with no solid definition. What does it mean? Reform what?

Does Healthcare Reform refer to the allocation of financial resources?

Does it refer to the allocation of human resources?

Doest it refer to how people get healthcare information?

Does it refer to how we address clinical collaboration?

It can mean just about anything.

Using the word “reform” assumes there’s something already formed.

The problem is that there is no singular Healthcare in the U.S. – no unified system. U.S. Healthcare is not even a loosely distributed network.

In other words, there’s no “form” to be re-formed.

We’re dealing with something that’s rather formless.

If anything, Healthcare is deformed.

I’m not sure where the idea of – or phrase – “Healthcare Reform” originated. It doesn’t matter now.

But since language does impact how we formulate problems and solutions, maybe we need to step away from this kind of talk.

Perhaps it would be better to ask: what are the specific areas of Healthcare which are deformed?

In what ways are they deformed, and what should they look like if they were to be properly formed?

Simply saying “we need Healthcare reform” isn’t going to do anything. You’ll just have people compete for political interests an attention, and in the tremulous cacophony nothing makes sense nor progress.

Saying “this particular area is deformed and should look like this” is a clearer start. Going down a list of what areas are deformed (and which work just fine) make understanding, idea-thrashing and problem-solving more effective.

Our financial capital system is on the verge of collapsing again in the coming years – and when it does, it will be much deeper and ramifying than what happened in 2008. So give up hope of any financial savior in Healthcare.

There are, fortunately, other kinds of capital.

Creative capital. Network capital. Natural capital. Spiritual capital.

These may seem insignificant or frivolous. They aren’t – for these kinds of capital are ultimately what financial capital depend upon.

When you recognize these other kinds of capital, your eyes can open up to larger possibilities. You can even spot problems and offer solutions without any permission or dependence on governmental bureaucracy.

Why wait for Godot?

Our Healthcare may be deformed, and our financial capital system may be deformed.

That’s bad, but we can fix those kinds of deformity with time and perseverance and austerity.

It’s deformities in creative, network, natural and spiritual capital which are the true enemies of what you call Healthcare Reform.

That’s Healthcare Deform.

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