Play Marketing


It’s a great word, isn’t it? Simple. Elegant. Direct. Fun.

When you play, you’re going with the the natural streams of time and life.

You can play with anything actually – you just have to know how. You need skills, knowledge, experience.

You can even play with your health. People do it everyday.

It’s the way you play that makes differences.

If exercising isn’t playful, it’s unlikely to be a lifestyle.

If reflecting on your life isn’t playful, it’s unlikely to be happy.

Why does healthcare marketing fail so often? Is it because people are being asked to do work instead?

Why do social media and mobile devices attract so many people? Is it because they’re work? Or are they play?

The media we work with today are play media.

People love to play. So play.

Push marketing may be dead.

But I say Push Play is the way to go.

A little Push in healthcare marketing is OK – in fact it’s needed.

It’s just that what you push should be playable.

You couldn’t give me a plaything with television or radio or print.

You can do that now. You can push it to me in a tweet actually.

It’s not Social that’s going to do the lifting in Healthcare marketing. It’s Play.

Play is the missing link between traditional and social media.

Play is healthy. Health is playful.

Market play.



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