If Social Media Is All About Relationships Then…

If social media is all about relationships then you better know a thing or two about love.

That’s not easy for businesses, is it?

Don’t be deceived by the notion that today’s marketing is all about relationships.

For even the most intense lovers part ways.

She might like you today and unfriend you tomorrow.

Actually, if you keep talking to her all the time, she might block you too. I would. It’s annoying, and nobody likes a desperate loser with no edge.

Absence is the beating space between hearts. Never forget that. Respect the void.

Business is not about being friends with strangers. That’s just weird.

Business is business.

Yes, be friendly. Yes, return people’s tweets. Yes, develop skills of interaction. Yes, business is about caring.

But don’t force things together that don’t have much in common.

Cold: that’s the only trait Business and Love will ever share.

Accept it and move on. Otherwise, you’ll go mad…and lonely.



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