The Molecular Formula For Web Strategy

It would be nice to have one, wouldn’t it?

You could purchase the ingredients, mix them together in a fermentor and deliver the solution.

Maybe it would cost you some money. And you’d need people and other resources. You might even need to outsource the process.

Still: it would be nice!

Then again, everybody else would be using the formula too, wouldn’t they?

The same molecule – the same color, the same texture, the same shape, the same size. Well, maybe some differences there, but nothing remarkable.

Fortuitously¬†– but also dauntingly – there is no molecular formula for today’s mother of all media, the Web.

For strategy development, this inability to formalize the Web is a great thing. It means that you can try different approaches, scratch test without too much risk, create your own platforms and communities and processes, and grow as the Web grows.

I’ve come to know so many people in communications and digital marketing who press so hard to learn all they can about SEO and Social Media and application development – and yet they’re frustrated with the lack of proportionate return.

Yes, these mechanical things – these parts of finding some molecular formula – do matter.

But if they’re sources of frustration at the expense of feelings of passion, it’s time to step back.

I vowed at the end of last year to use the word Love in my online communications. It’s not a word I use sparingly in person – if I say “I love you”, it means what I say because it’s how I honestly feel, not because it’s a nice thing to say – to do so would be disrespectful.

But why the vow to use that word in my posts? Because I can’t do this without love.

Nor can you.

There is no molecular formula for love. (Chocolate and wine may be runners-up but…)

There is no molecular formula for web strategy.

But: in both, it’s OK to be a fool.

In fact, if you’re not then you’re wasting your time.

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