The List of Best Hospitals

The best hospitals…

  • Don’t feel like hospitals
  • Don’t look like hospitals
  • Don’t smell like hospitals
  • Serve the people who serve the people who justify the hospital’s necessarily evil existence
  • Hire hospital executives and administrators who help lift patients and clean dirty rooms
  • Don’t ignore the greatest revolution in media since the printing press
  • Network publicly with other hospitals to improve how things are done
  • Have no fear, save what hurts patients
  • Show the world what best means
  • Never need to tell the world they’re the best



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  1. I like your list of good hospitals and I would add

    – Patients can find a doctor when they need him
    – Keep orderly archives and patient medical records and make them available to patients when they ask for them
    – Patient safety is their top priority, to achieve it they monitor implementation of patient safety guidelines, they send their staff to IHI or similar for continuing education, and networking with other hospitals, they award clinics/depts/health professionals performing best in patient safety.

  2. Creatively done Phil! Appealing to all. But then again,.. imho:

    Isn’t a hospital just too big, to treat it as one? Shouldn’t we talk about clinics, so like oncology, cardiology, and ER etc..?

    And then, what’s best… Think about “How to get out of the hospital alive?” (by Blau and Shimberg) and “If Disney ran your hospital..” (by Fred Lee)… two sides of the same coin..
    Let’s support and stimulate too if we are prepared to help..

    There’s more to innovation and development?

    1. All good points, Rob.

      Here in the US, U.S. News has a Best Hospitals edition – so that’s why this
      is a bit of a tease on that.

      The same logic applies to any organization.

      Also: that’s why near the end of the list it’s “show” the world what ‘best’
      means. 😉


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