Google TV and Healthcare

Internet TV. We’ve expected it for a long time. Will Google’s Android-based designs work? Will enough consumers take the plunge to take the internet into their living rooms? Or will mobile keep people out of the living room?

I suppose we’ll find answer to those question in the next 2 or 3 years. But let’s think about where Google TV might factor into health care.

Right now, I can think of two broad areas where Internet TV could work in Healthcare: facilities and homes.

In hospitals and other in-patient facilities, these are just three use-cases:

  • Enhanced in-patient education
  • Better entertainment in hospitals (sounds trivial, but everything’s relative)
  • Monitoring curated tweet-streams (via Twitter API or Enterprise analogue like Yammer)

For consumer health, in-home propositions include:

  • Delivery of niche health content (free, sponsored or subscription)
  • Targeted advertising
  • Virtual enhancement of patient-provider relationship

The one problem with Internet TV and Health is…lack of exercise! 🙂

The boob tube became notorious for its creation of the couch potatoes. The Internet has created its own version of a potato couch – even smartphones are creating walking couch potatoes.

Still, there’s definitely some promise with Google TV and healthcare. Some of the barriers in the coming years:

  • Adoption by consumers
  • The willingness of producers to make their websites Google TV friendly
  • The effectiveness of healthcare marketers in building the right mix of solid content, social presence and targeting strategies

It remains to be seen where Google TV fits in with Healthcare. But it’s worth keeping an eye on developments.

What about you? Have you seen Google TV in action in health care?



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