Taking Twitter to a Whole New Level for Health Care

On Tuesday evening January 25 at 9pm Eastern, MDchat will do something I don’t think has ever been done before on a medium like Twitter.

It’s long been my hope that we could safely push the envelop with today’s media for health care (space between health and care intended). For too long there has been too many disconnects between the formal instituions of Healthcare and the very people they were founded to serve.

What’s going to happen on Tuesday – and it will only happen if I know all systems are go – will hopefully become an inspiring template for 21st Century communication. A few foot prints on new territory to follow.

One small tweet for a chat, one giant leap for health care.

Yes, I am a tease.

But I’m a tease for good reason. All will be revealed very very soon, including the people who have been working hard to bring this together.

Tuesday’s Twitter chat will not be run the way we’ve gotten used to them. It will follow a different format and I’ll post the details.

So stay tuned – I’ll post more here and on MDchat’s blog. I’ll also send word through MDchat’s Newsletter.


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