Your Hospital Doesn’t Have to Be Internet Famous

Your hospital’s online presence is important. You know that already. If not, flash your eyes across this stream and come back here.

Communicators and Marketers and Executives often think they have to score it “big” in their media efforts.

Big in terms of brand awareness.

Big in terms of eyeballs. Facebook Likes. Retweets. Buzz!

It doesn’t matter how big any of those things are if they aren’t relevant and appealing to your community.

An audience of one who loves you is better than an audience of twenty million who don’t care at all.

Here’s the truth about healthcare and social media from a marketing perspective: very few hospitals will hit it “big” in social media.

That’s OK – in fact, it’s a good thing. Why? Because it’s your community that matters and it’s much much easier to lead the small but 100% vested people who matter to you.

If you can’t start and lead and fascinate a small community, how in the world can you even dream of handling a gift from the gods?

Being Internet Famous isn’t the goal of being online. It’s serving your community, being available to them and producing valuable and interactive content.

Build out small things. Use social media for market research that reveals the brutal truth which traditional market research denies.

Stop thinking traditional media versus social media versus mobile devices. Instead: just think in terms of Interface. It’s the small inter-facing with your audience which matters most – not tempting but useless popularity.

Hospitals don’t need to be Internet Famous.

Hitting it big happens when the patient, the family member, that doctor you want to recruit goes: “Whoa! I really like what these people are doing!”

Relevance, Likability, Usefulness and Fascination trump Internet Fame.

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