Ectopic Tweets

It’s OK to tweet outside the rules people create about what’s proper in today’s media.

Sometimes your heart’s beats are a bit off. These aberrations may or may not be significant. They’re ectopic beats.

In looking at the media streams of some practices and hospitals and other healthcare-related organizations, a lot of the tweets follow a predictable pattern.

On one hand, it’s good to have a perfectly regular sinus rhythm in your communications.

The problem is this: it’s the ectopic tweets that may stand a better chance of catching my attention.

I know Healthcare’s a fairly conservative industry. It’s also an industry that can make important differences in people’s lives.

Ectopic tweets don’t just refer to Twitter – it’s all of healthcare communications. The tweet is just a soft cuddly metaphor.

The circulatory system of the Web doesn’t work like the human body’s.

If it’s healthy messages you want to circulate, then take advantage of ectopic tweets.

Ectopic tweets won’t lead to premature ventricular contractions.

Ectopic tweets get the attention of those who assess you, and they just might save your online life from forgetfulness.

Online, forgetfulness is asystole.

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