Amagine Physician Portal

“A single platform for running your practice.”

That’s what AMA’s web-based physician portal, Amagine, claims to be. It’s currently available in limited release in Michigan, but I expect we’ll hear more about this in the days and weeks to come.

I haven’t been able to see much buzz yet today, other than on Twitter, but the website for the portal says it will offer physician resources, an HIT roadmap and practice solutions. Here are highlights right from its website:

  • Secure email
  • Clinical reference and decision support
  • Patient education and practice management resources
  • Roadmap to meeting meaningful use
  • Advanced applications such as e-prescribing, revenue cycle management and EMR solutions
  • Practice management resources
  • Patient education materials
  • Professional education and development resources
  • Secure communications
  • Guidance on health IT implementation

Given that this is “Powered by the AMA”, will this new spur adoption of EMR and other technologies by practices?

The line of services provided appears rather robust and having AMA branding probably won’t hurt.

Nonetheless, EMR and physician solutions services can be quiete competitive markets, ans so it will be interesting how this story evolves.

There is a bit more of the background from an older article on American Medical News.

Meanwhile, I’m curious to see what physicians think.

Open question:

How influence might AMA’s branding behind this have on practices?

Given that the release is limited and in Michigan, might this give motivation to competitors?

What would competition offer, which Amagine can’t?

Is this another opportunity for an Apple for Healthcare?

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  1. Interesting. aren’t only about 30 percent of docs AMA members–yes? this might be a nice value-added opportunity to attract physicians back to the fold. sounds like an excellent platform, but no social media extensions? maybe Amagine 1.2

    1. Yes, I’d like to hear physician-input here.

      The social media extension may be difficult. Perhaps they’re working to build the basics and then build on top as everybody gets more comfortable with extending out.


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