Is Twitter Turning Us Into Sparrows…Or Vultures?

You’ve heard the horrible story – the one about a young representative from Arizona, who was shot in the head.

I don’t need to get into the details. It’s all over the Web. It’s on Google.

And it’s on Twitter.

I don’t know how you feel ┬ábut I’m not all sure that this social media stuff is always healthy.

I tweeted a couple links myself when the news hit. Then wondered what value they truly conveyed.

This woman has a husband. Children. Friends. Other family.

People with feelings and problems, hopes and dreams.

Do they need any of us to tweet about what happened? Does it help them?

If it does, then by all means: we should tweet tweet tweet! Who would argue against that? Especially if you know exactly how it helps them.

But if it doesn’t – if tweets degenerate into cacophonies and orgies of slacktivism – then why bother?

Should we tweet at high volume when a woman is shot in the head? There’s no right or wrong answer, but the question matters.

A woman was shot in the head.

I never meet her, lovely sparrow I’m sure he is. I love her in some sense because she’s a part of us, of you. You love her too in that way.

We should discuss how and why these things happen – and do things that make differences.

There are times, however, when silence and stillness are the last refuges of hoping and caring and loving a world so full of hate and wreckage.

Is Twitter turning us into sparrows or vultures?

It’s OK to be quiet in the storm of noise.

For the silence of sparrows can proclaim more than their tweets.


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