Healthy Promotion

Promote yourself.

It’s OK. In fact, you owe it to the object of your passion.

Yes, I know, all those blogs you’ve read, those social media conferences you’ve attended – they’ve laid down the rules about engagement.

Just because we can talk with each other, it doesn’t mean the only way to communicate it to wait for someone to retweet you.

Social = Broadcasting + Friendliness

That’s it – that’s the equation (if you’re looking for one).

If you want to market a great idea, a wonderful service, a product – whatever – just promote it.

We desperately need the great ideas about healthcare promoted.

We need the wisdom of physicians and nurses and life scientists to infiltrate Google.

Those great ideas and all that wisdom won’t be found unless the brains behind them know how to promote.

Two key points about healthy promotion:

  1. Promotion and narcissism aren’t the same thing
  2. Broadcasting and message-blasting aren’t the same thing

People love being living parts of an audience. Make it easy for them to be part of the show.

Healthy promotion is about expressing your passion, engendering community around it and leading with others who share your passion.

It’s not about you. It’s about your passion.

If you’re passionate about something, why on earth would you silence yourself?

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