Mind Blown Away: World Lens

World Lens. It’s a great name for a mind-blowing iPhone app by QuestVisual.

What does it do? It translates foreign language instantaneously using the phone’s camera lens. Here, take a look [link]:

The translation part isn’t what blows me away. It’s the speed of the darned thing.

That it can use video so instantly makes me think that this technology represents something with evolutionary promise.

In theory, these could (partially) replace the need for QR codes and Microsoft Tags. In this regard: you go to a restaurant, and just by pointing your lens at the building, all the information about the place is available.


I could see the premise of this technology extended into medicine. I could see it go beyond translating text, to object recognition and instant remote information retrieval.

  • Rash identification.
  • Enhancement of diagnostic visualization.
  • Pill recognition (think Pillbox).
  • Device recognition with product information and recall.

The list goes on.

As these individual technologies emerge, their convergence and overlaying open up entirely new opportunities for healthcare.

Mind. Blown.

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