The Rise of Creative Priapism

So your practice or association or hospital system or pharmaceutical company has taken to social media. You’ve been to endless conferences on social media. You see now that social media is a common topic on CNN and NYT. You’ve got social media accounts now. You might even be featured on Ed Bennett’s excellent list.

Welcome to the machine.


Are you ready?

Do you understand what’s involved here?

Are you in shape? Do you have stamina? Can you endure?

I hope you didn’t think that Twitter or Facebook ‘virility’ would provide you with enormous return on investment at little cost. Viruses have a sex life of their own, ya know?

I hope you didn’t think this would be easy.

You see, doing this “social media stuff” is a long-term proposition. For businesses, it’s forever. There is no getting off the merry-go-round.

You’ve got to be hard.

You’ve got to be swift.

You’ve got to be responsive.

You’ve got to be electric.

You’ve got to be fascinating.

Most importantly, you’ve got to be creative.

You’ve got to keep pounding and tapping away and there is no letting up.

Welcome to Creative Priapism.

It is rising, and attention-spans are shrinking.

In today’s Attention Deficit Me-conony, it takes a lot to turn people on. And your competition isn’t just your competition: it’s titillating Youtube videos filmed by bored college kids.

Imagine that: being constantly under pressure to create, create, create!

You probably weren’t told any of this. You were probably told all you need to do is to dip your feet in Twitter a few times a day, “engage” with people and “embrace” the 21st Century.

Yes, you do have to engage and embrace.

But you have to know who you’re engaging and embracing – and you’ll need to do both exceedingly well…and for a long time.

You have to know how to tie-together all the disparite places on and off the Web, and Social is a small part of a larger party.

So, what are you going to do?? Give up? Avoid the inevitable course of today’s communications realities?

Is Creative Priapism avoidable?


Commitment. Discipline. Endurance.


The first three: they’re vital skills in the mechanics of doing social media. If it’s all mechanical for you, you’ll eventually pass out.

The last: now that’s what keeps you going. And going. And going.

Love is never easy. It can’t be forced. It’s not mechanical.

Love is social.

Love is the only way to avoid Creative Priapism.

– With love, from @PhilBaumann