The Secret to Healthcare Marketing

Health is an inherently social proposition. Healthcare marketing is about connection: connecting healthy needs with healthy resources. So the secret to Healthcare marketing in a social online world rests in connection.

The secret to healthcare marketing…

…is not in getting people to like your Facebook Page.

…is not in getting people to like your website.

…is not in getting them to like your product or service.

In fact, it’s not even in getting people to like you.

The secret to healthcare marketing is…

…getting the people who matter to you to like each other.

Simple as that.

It’s as simple as eating right and exercising and managing stress.

But: simple does not mean easy.

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  1. As a follow-up:

    If people don’t like each other, you can’t build a cohesive community.

    Everything in online marketing today grows out of this principle.

    More on this in an upcoming post.

  2. Well said.

    I’ve just been attending the Health 2.0 conference in SF and someone talked about the need to focus on ROR (return on relationship) over ROI. I thought that was a good way to phrase it. Social media for health care has to be about the connection and providing another level of care. And that translates into a busier practice or health care business.

    If someone focuses on trying to push their services, they might get a short term increase in inquiries, but sacrifice those longer term relationships.

  3. Health is social,
    Nurses POV

    I hope the “ROR (return on relationship) over ROI” talk Lisa heard at the Health 2.0 conference resonated. The “connection” is important at all points of the healthcare continuum from preventive to pre-code. As patients move along the scale, the importance of the connection increases proportionality until it is paramount when critically ill.

    The social aspect of healthcare is not new. It has just been pushed aside by technology and a system more focused on the ROI. Before healthcare became so complex and driven by hospital profits, physicians knew their patients, their families and the nurses taking care of them. Making connections was easy if not automatic.

    Historically nurses at the beside made connections with patients and have tried to maintain the art as hospitals focused less and less on the importance of the social connection. With the present hospital nurse staffing trends and their ridiculous utilization, nurses can’t make or maintain connections and the important social part they play is lost.

    Until the the importance of the social component is recognized and supported in healthcare and nurses are allowed the time to practice the art they were taught – more and more patients will enter and leave the healthcare system ALONE.

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