Healthy Links and Social Ties v1

Hello, readers. We know you’re busy and sometimes don’t get a chance to catch up with your online reading as well as your networking with others involved in getting healthcare more social.

So, to help those of you catch up on your doses of healthy social media content, we’ll regularly publish short lists of our recent posts and elect news and content we think you’ll find interesting: Healthy Links.

And to help you find interesting people, we’ll offer follow recommendations for those of you addicted to Twitter: Social Ties.

We’re also starting a Newsletter. We want to give those of you seeking change in healthcare and 21st Century communications as much support in reaching your goals. You can read more about our newsletter and subscribe here.

Here’s this week’s Healthy Links from Health Is Social:

And here are Healthy Links from around the web:

Our first follow suggestions will be our presenters in our upcoming Webinar:

Also, if you want real-time updates on the latest in healthcare-related social media news or if you’re looking to meet great curators on Twitter, we have a running stream on our Curated Tweets page.

Expect Healthy Links and Social Ties to come out on a regular basis. We’ll also include others in our newsletter.

As always, we welcome your comments on our posts. If you’re not the commenting kind, you can email your comments, inquiries or topic suggestions.

Lastly, our Webinar is fast approaching, so tell your colleagues via email or Twitter. You can sign up here. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you, Katie!

      And thank you for all your time and content sharing in the hcsm community, Katie!


  1. If you’d like a mental health rec for Healthy Ties, I’m going to be shameless and recommend my blog Postpartum Progress, which is the most widely-read blog on postpartum depression and other mental illnesses related to childbirth. Hope you’ll check it out. Thanks! And love your list of recs.

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