Interview by @MarkRaganCEO on Executive Fear of Social Media

Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, interviewed David Pogue of the New York Times last year. It’s an excellent interview and helps to build on the idea that social media are just part of the evolution of communications.

I selected this video for you because Mark himself is an executive, David is a respected mainstream journalist and the tone of the interview is relaxed, comprehensive and reassuring. If you’re struggling to get your executive team to scratch-test social media, this may be the anxiolytic you need to slip into their coffee.

Executives do have legitimate concerns as we discussed here, but fear of these media isn’t a wise strategy.

Here is the interview:

Social Media presents a web of dangerous opportunities. No doubt about that.

Executives in Healthcare and Life Sciences have more concerns than their peers in other industries – but given that communication is an essential element of business, it’s only responsible for them to invest the time and effort to get their organizations up to speed.

Danger and Opportunity are the same thing. Having the wisdom to know which word to describe and recognize what faces you – ah there’s a executive talent. Your task is to help sharpen your leader’s lenses.

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