There Are Alternatives to Marketing

Watch this first and then read.

Are you looking at social media through a Marketing lens? If you are, there’s a chance you might be missing very large opportunities, especially in healthcare communications.

Given that more and more organizations are using social media, the cost of attention is skyrocketing.

The early adopters of Twitter got the worm a long time ago, in a Social Media galaxy far far away.

So what can the laggards do? Seek alternatives to attention-seeking.

You can’t always win people’s constant attention with Marketing. But, there are alternatives to Marketing.

If you put down your Marketing lens, what do you see?

Can you see things through the Investing lens? The Patient lens? The Nursing lens? The Occupational Therapist lens? The Community Leader lens?

If you think in ways you’ve never thought before, you may find yourself winning in ways you never knew existed.

Better to understand the larger war than tinker with tactics on an uphill battlefield.

Today’s Marketing battlefield: the Attention Market.

The larger war: Enduring Presence.

May the Force be with you. 🙂



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