Blogging Is No Longer…

…putting content on website in a reverse-chronological order.

Blogging is a process that takes place on and off the Web. Here’s the #hcsm-inspired tweet:

Health Is Social means that in order for the art and science of healthcare communication to be fruitful, the uses of any medium must be made as socially purposeful as possible.

Retweets don’t just happen on Twitter: When patients love what their providers do, they’ll probably tell their friends and spread good words – a process that’s otherwise known as Word of Mouth.

The same principles of conversation in social media apply to the offline world too.

You can now tweet about your experience with a physician…expound upon your tweet on your blog…update your Facebook status with a link to your post about your tweet…and then email your physician the link to your Facebook status (if it’s publicly viewable). You can even post a video of all that you just did on Youtube. All of those communications now comprise blogging, including the conversation with your physician.

Blogging is no longer blogging.

Blogging is a way of linking – and extending – the web of experiences.



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